Impact Throwing Academy Training

Clara working on a line drill for the spin technique in shot put

"Z" perfecting her footwork in a "South African" throw

Brett working on the "Sink and Sling" drill off a box

"After you land in the power position, keep the shoulders square to the back of the ring"

Types of Training:

Many different fitness programs implements will be used for practice.  Practices sometimes include medicine balls of various weights and sizes for weight training, plyometrics using mini-hurdles, stairs, or steps, and dynamic stretching.  Latex tubes with attached handles of various resistances will be used to simulate the throwing motion.  Throwing equipment will include shot puts and discuses of various weights, along with weighted balls.  Lengths of metal pipe or bowling pins may be used as well for throwing technique.  Unless the athlete brings their own shots and discs for practice, Coach Kajtsa will provide them.

Claire demonstrating her glide in the shot put

"Keep the discus back, and your weight over your right leg."

Abena winding up to start the spin in rotational shot put

Lexi and Abby practicing discus spins, using latex tubes to help keep balance